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On-Site Services

On-Site Services

  • Drilling and TappingOpen or Close

    Our hydraulic drill and tapping machine has the capabilities to drill up to 3" in diameter and drive up to 2" taps

    Drilling and tapping applications include drill out studs, clearance holes, ream holes, and drill and tap holes.

  • Line Boring / Portable Honing Open or Close

    Line boring is necessary when you have one or more bores that need to be aligned or if a bore is oversized or worn. A bore needs to be honed when you need a smooth finish or a more precision bore.

    Line boring and portable honing applications include pivot joints, bearing housings, cylinders, heavy equipment, and process equipment.

  • Milling / Key MillingOpen or Close

    Milling is necessary when multiple surfaces needs to be equal height to one another or surfaces need to be parallel to each other. Key Milling is used to cut new external keyways or enlarge an existing keyway.

    Milling applications include pump bases, external keyways, motor stands, and machinery.

  • Shaft and Journal RepairOpen or Close

    By utilizing shaft and journal repair, we are able to offer three options to overhaul your existing shaft or journal.

    Option 1: Recut shaft or journal then add a sleeve to bring it back to original diameter
    Option 2: Undercut the shaft or journal to the next bearing size
    Option 3: Completely weld the shaft or journal and turn it back to the original diameter.

    Applications include journal turning and repair for bearing surfaces, and fan shafts.

  • Pipeline ServicesOpen or Close

    Our pipeline services include flange facing, pipe cutting, and weld prepping. A flange needs to be faced If the surface of a flange is warped or damaged due to steam or corrosion. Pipe cutting is used to cut large diameter pipes in place to their correct length. Cutting a weld prep is necessary to allow weld penetration when joining two pipes together.

    Pipeline service applications include chemical plants, refineries, and natural gas lines.